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    Power Team Same S2a and S2o Sender with Mini Chat Client v1.1 Fixed bug

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    default Power Team Same S2a and S2o Sender with Mini Chat Client v1.1 Fixed bug

    Post by reliance on 7/5/2013, 3:11 pm

    English :
    this is a first s2a [ send message to all rosters list ] and s2o [ send message to online rosters list ] by Power Team.
    with this software you can send message to rosters list without blocking your id.
    you can sign in remote id and put it remoter's for send s2a and s2o with this section. [ this section just for v...p...s , if you haven't a v...p...s please don't put Remoter id and remoter's and don't sign in this id. ]

    when you sign in your id [ 's2a Sender id with' Section ] , if anyone coming to your private chat , you can chat with him or you can put it Auto respond !

    when you starting the s2a or s2o sender , you cannot use program ! when s2a or s2o sender is completed , you see show the software and use all of options !

    commands for remoter's :

    log in s2a sender id with commands :

    id/your id

    pw/your password

    res/your resource

    when you put it of them [ id , password and resource ] , send this command for online your id :


    for offline your id , send this command :


    sub/your subject = you can put it your subject for send s2a or s2o message

    s2a/your message = send message to all of your rosters list.

    s2o/your message = send message to your online rosters list.

    Notes :
    You must be add remoter id and send this commands in private of them.

    Persian :
    in avalin s2a [ersale payam be tamame addlist ha] va s2o [ersale payam be addlisthaye online] tavasote Power Team Mibashad.
    ba in barname shoma mitavanid ke payam be tamamie addlist haye khod ersal konid , bedone aanke idton block shavad.

    shoma mitavanid REMOTER ID ro online konid , va ba estefade az oun id s2a sender ro az tarighe PV online konid , va ba estefade az remote haei ke dadid be barname , az tarighe PV , s2a send konid .[in ghesmat baraye v...p...s mibashad, age v...p...s nadarid id e in ghesmat ro Online nakonid .]
    vaghti ke idie shoma online shod [yani id ei ke tuye ghesmate 's2a Sender id with' vared kardid], age kasi az addlisteton biyad pvton, mitonid bahash chat konid , ya inke mitonid monshi bezarid [ dokmeye respond ].
    vaghti ke s2a ya s2o shoro be kar kard , shoma nemitavanid az hich yek az karaei haye barname estefade namaeid , va barname khodkar ghayem mishe , va pas az tamam shodane farayande s2a ya s2o , barname namayesh dade mishavad.

    dastorat baraye remoters :

    id/ide shoma

    pw/ramze obure shoma

    res/resource shoma

    va vaghti in 3ta ro kamel kardid , baraye online kardane idton az dastore zir estefade namaeid :


    baraye offline kardane id, az dastore zir estefade namaeid :


    sub/ounvane s2a ya s2o sender

    s2a/payameton = ersale payam be kolle addlist

    s2o/payameton = ersale payam be addlisthaye online

    Pey nevesht :

    bad az online kardane id remoter , shoma bayad ba ye id dige [ na id ei ke mikhaid bahash s2a bedid] be id remoter add bedid , va in dastorat ro dar pvie oun ersal konid ! hatman ham bayad tu ghesmate REMOTE khodeton ro remoter karde bashid !


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